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This evening on the porch I find myself in awe of the flowers and plants.
As the sun sets, they’re still full of Life as they bloom and enhance.
Ya know, growth is a beautiful thing and these prove this so.
When it rains, it pours! But they continue to grow.
I tell them, “Keep on keepin’ on! Let the Light give you Life.”.
As I gave them their night drink it hit me when I visioned myself keepin’ on with a backpack on a bike…
Even in our lives, in our Journey this time around,
Remember, it’ll rain, it’ll pour but ya gotta find your ground.
When we’re grounded, like these flowers… Then we can grow.
When we’re anchored, we gain perspective, we lose baggage we tow.
In my vision, I lost my backpack and was in a garden so full.
I know remembering this brings happiness from the smile I wore.
See, I lost my baggage. I left my negatives aside.
And I was surrounded by beauty and positive vibes.
As the Light dims around me on my porch here tonight.
I feel grounded and clear like my heads on right.
My baggage, it’s buried. The flowers and I have grown up, my shoulders are lighter… All affirmations I won’t give up.
Lady Tara
written 4/9/14