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Lets recap this last week or so for the Collective Consciousness, shall we?

I will start by stating, what should be to the majority if not All the utmost obvious fact – that it has been intense energetically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and oh yes… physically too. The transitions We The People, and in effect Humanity in All, just witnessed and are still dealing with have been mild to say the least.

Who all has been and/or is currently feeling one or both of the following paradoxical pair of polar opposite symptoms from this?…
If you can relate to dealing with 1.) bouts of extreme fatigue/being quickly drained or 2.) maybe periods of elated moods/bursts of energy…. then my abSOULute beYOUtiful friend, ‘You’ and the individuality ‘you’ currently perceive as are experiencing the current part of #TheShift, and even though you’ve been questioning yourSelf at recent times, are right on “time” right where ‘you’ and ‘You’ should be! #DivineTiming

As you scan with hindsight’s clarity through this chunk of Our recent past I speak of, you may notice that the timing of FEELS and your experiences seemed all funky and out of sync as it was Lived. Know that as We Collectively feel #SymptomsOfTheShift, how We individually process them is as unique as We Are. So although yes, “symptoms” will flow through us in synchronicity with the energy currents as we ride their waves, it is the when, at what level and how long they linger for each of us to FEEL them in their totality that can be sporadic coming up at times both seemingly random *but* also too as synchronously with whatever experience of that moment as We FEEL them. Pay attention to your vibrations and patterns and listen to your BODY. The New Paradigm and the paradoxes in which fills it can be tricky to navigate but remember, intuition never lies!
……. Do you remember now that We have to FEEL these in their complete totality to then fully HEAL that part that needs HEALED within Us? The differences behind how we each process each of these FEELS all really depends on what within needs HEALED.

How have your dreams been? Yeah, mine too.
These messages from ourSelves are packed with clues that will help bring to Our states of awareness what exactly is being HEALED right now. Pay attention. The more you can Acknowledge, the more you can consciously Accept with your current Awareness and the quicker you can move on along Your Path. #LevelUp #ExpandingConsciousness #RaisingVibrations


So here we are at weeks end and did you notice how things started to “plateau” around the aesthetically pleasing date of 1-27-2017? Maybe you didnt See before but can You See now? Oh, can’t forget to point out how that then correlates with this first month of the calendar year’s New Moon. #SynchronicityStrikesAgain
It is during any new moon energies that we are to deliberate on things within US that need HEALED, LET GO of, re-prioritized, and more. Then with this fresh perspective and updated list of Self We can then move forward with clarity of Our intentions.
It’s like giving Our vehicles an oil change. Good to go another 3000 miles! #OurBodyIsOurTemple #SpiritDrivenLife #WeHAVEaBodyWeAreNOTaBody

Eye/I Am choosing in the Now, and not before, this recent peak of enenrgy we’ve just experienced to point out to you… well, no, actually REMIND you of all this to soothe your fears in these chaotic times. During the rough parts of Our journey’s beginning it tends to more benefit the Awakened when reminders can be given with some in-the-moment experience/hindsight to reflect on. Eye/I Am not teaching anything new at all and are mindfully using the words ‘remind you’ because deep within each of Us resides our core Self and there these intricate details have been Known All along.

The ‘you’ that you Are has simply just forgotten during your time of slumber. But it is that ‘You’ that is your IS’ness, the ‘You’ still is and will always be at Oneness with the Eternal BEing, is Awakening that ‘you’ that sleeps.

Eye See You. I Am Another you. You Are Another Me.

Like in the Physical, so is the Spiritual. #AsWithinSoWithout #AsAboveSoBelow #ToOneIsOneInOneAllOne #ElevenEleven #AwakeningCode
Being awakened from cycles of deep sleep can be scary at first, but once reminded that loving, “Shhh.. it’s okay! You were just asleep. It was only only a dream.”, the Knowing of what’s going on and the Understanding that comes with it as the True Reality arises in Our awareness once again, the fear that comes along with being Awakened subsides.

Release your fear dear ones.
It’s okay. You’ve been sleeping really hard, its time to wipe your Eye and shake off the Old!

💋 #CosmicKisses
❤ Lady Tara Kay


Very long ago in the distant past, Mother Earth was whole and healthy, everyone lived in harmony with each other. There was an abundance of food and essentials. There were other beings who regularly exchanged knowledge with those who lived on and in our Mother Earth. These beings were the Star People.

There are many other civilisations out in the vast universe. They all came and traded with us in those far distant times of long ago. One thing that they were able to do besides soaring among the stars, was to see what is to be – much like when we have a vision during a vision quest. What they saw and shared with us was the coming of this age of ignorance that is upon us now.

Knowing that the ancient wisdom would be misused and exploited and perverted to destructive ways, the people gathered the sacred power objects and concealed them in the womb of our Mother – in caverns and hidden places. This was done the whole world over . . .

The star people withdrew for a time, but only after making sure the power objects had been concealed. They appointed watchers to guard the entrances to the sacred sites. All of the secrets will be completely protected. Now as has happened in the past, earth changes are about to occur. Our Mother is greatly burdened. She is heavy as a woman long due with child. She will give birth and soon too. It will be within your season – that means within our lifetime. Of course as with all deliveries, there is pain:

When mother earth has contractions – We will perceive it as earthquakes . . .

When the waters break – We will perceive it as floods . . .

When the blood gushes – We will perceive it as lava from volcanoes . . .

There will also be energy changes, maybe a shifting of the poles. However when the new life comes into being all that will be forgotten by the Mother. There must always be destruction of the old to bring forth the new. Young life feeds off old life, that is the way of the circle of life.

Afterwards comes a time of healing.The Mother and new child are cleaned and cared for. All rests easy.They young one grows from day to day. That is when the secret places will be opened. And the ancient wisdom renewed for the benefit of all. The Star People will return to our Mother and the times will be as in the long distant past. There will be celebrations in abundance throughout the universe. Choose not to harm, our mother is carrying us all. However one day she will shake herself and lessen this load. Many will not survive the changes. Be a helper. Do what you can to ease our mother’s labour. It is fine to feel and share her pain. But you will also find ways to heal her wounds.

This poem was presented in a slide presentation Vision Quest by Fisheye with music by the Three Key Sound on 15th July 1997, at the Woodlands Art Gallery, Blackheath, London, England. The story was passed on to George C. Andrews in 1995, by a Native American Indian woman who claimed she was a UFO abductee. This poem had been passed down from her Grandfather.