Synchronicity Calls For Repost – BODY DETOX

Posted: 04/10/2015 in Uncategorized

11139540_376812642505546_1109544210_nI was going through my Facebook posts to blog some of that information over here.
First article I come to is the 10 Signs Your Body is Screaming at You for a Detox. I enjoyed this article and I doubt it got as many reads as I intended when first sharing. It has only a handful of “likes”. So when I go to click on it and get the link information to add in this post I am writing here, I see that it has 11,111 shares! And as I went from the tab of Facebook to this tab of WordPress, I have 11 FB notifications at the moment. I feel that was a definite sign to re-post it and share again! I hope you do read the article to get a better grasp on how to understand the ways our body, the Soul’s Vessel, is speaking to us! Enjoy all the brain food it has to offer! Here is a preview of it’s beginning:

How can you tell if your body may be suffering from toxicity? Here’s a few symptoms:

• Chronic constipation/indigestion, heartburn, bloating
• Excess weight – including water weight
• Poor stress management
• Frequent fatigue
• Being sick – colds and the flu – more often than your peers
• Headaches and joint pain
• Ennui/apathy
• Sleeping more or less than usual
• Depression
• Reduced libido and/or reduced sexual satisfaction
• Mood swings

So click the link of the title above or click HERE to read the full article and learn how to detox your body with this blog writer’s suggestions using HOMEOPATHIC ways! If you don’t read the full article you can at least benefit from this one Detox Tip clipped below for what to do to rid those annoying sugar cravings!

Don’t listen to your sugary, carb-filled cravings — drop refined sugar and corn syrup as quickly as you can. Don’t do a juice cleanse, either. That’s not going to help you and may make you even more sensitive to sugar. Instead, put three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into some water, this will eliminate your craving and increase your mineral intake as well as lowering your glucose, which will lead to less intense cravings, less often.


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