“You’ve Raised Your Own Bar.”

Posted: 11/22/2014 in Channel, Insight, Synchronistic Event
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Saint Germain channeled via Lady Tara 2/18/14

Every once in a while something so life changing and epic happens to Humanity. And in that moment the event that occurs may not seem so, but my friends IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It is individual and it is Worldwide and it is Universal, connecting every soul for a synchronistic cosmic click in the turn of Life’s wheel.
That moment, is when the souls on the other side of the veil turned on your Light bulb. “Ah ha!”, as humans say. And just like that you understood.
My friends, in the past you understood for a breif second of your linear time. In the near future when that next cosmic click of Light comes to you, you will hold steady to your understood Knowledge, your Knowingness expanded point forward. Friends… that’s consciousness raised.
You cannot turn back now.
Celebrate your Awareness.
Greatness is coming.
Changes have been made.
You’ve raised your own bar.

©Lady Tara – All channeled information is meant to be shared with link back to channel. Please keep all words and phrases intact, for this is how they are felt, heard, and portrayed so they can be translated to you.


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