Posted: 09/30/2014 in Insight
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More on this upcoming eclipse’s energies.. NOT SLEEPING WELL. Either you, my fellow sensitive, are tossing and turning all night, not sleeping at all, or sleeping very little and feel completely rested. Know that the stronger you are feeling these energy symptoms I speak of, the more sensitive to the energies you are, the bigger step on your evolution (ascension) path you are currently taking whether you are conscious of it or not. Things are going one extreme to the next in your lives, right? The ebb and flow of the good times and the bad times are sending you on a roller coaster ride. Well it is Fair time in most American places and apparently the Universe feels we need a good ride. Why? To shake us up. WAKE US UP! Throw us around from the inside out so we can crack open and let our Light out. I promise you that it is your reactions to these intense bumps in the road you are tripping on that you are being tested on. The more you can stay centered and balanced in your personalized chaos (the ebbs), the longer the good times (the flow) will be before another ebb shows up, does this make sense? THIS IS FOR A REASON I WILL EXPLAIN AT LATER TIME. This is important, do not brush it off. PLEASE take these words to heart… This is the eleventh hour my friends and these ebbs you’re dealing with are rough I know! Life is throwing you in the middle of chaotic moments unique in the way that your Soul is showing you where your changes need to be. Spirit is shaking up the areas in your life that you need to reflect on, change, and let go to move on. These are no midterm tests, please know that they are final tests. Do you know what I’m saying? Do not worry if you feel you’ve ‘failed’ by choosing the same actions and paths as you have in the past, you’ll be given a retake of sorts, so hold on to your hats for another ride. Be aware and acknowledge these tests in the moment so you can make a conscious action NOT a habitual subconscious reaction. You are doing such a BEAUTIFUL job with yourselves working within to change things for your Highest good (or at least trying to, A+ for effort!) and I wish you all to picture how us as individuals with our changes make together a bigger and bigger group of, lets say “changelings”. Dont you see? If we are the change, we will change this world. Hold onto the Light and Love and shine bright in every moment of your lives! I am proud of you and I thank you, my brothers and sisters, for helping make this Shift happen.


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