Now Till Then You’re Stirring Within

Posted: 07/28/2014 in Insight, picture
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Do you feel.. off? Is there a feeling of confusion within that you are, well, confused about? Maybe there’s something bothering you about a certain aspect of life, or just life in general? Or maybe you feel like you’re on track but cant see the finish line ahead? Whatever step you are along your journey in this Divine plan, I’d like to remind you all of something.
Your body has become aware of its inner Shift. It feels a sadness that your mind is not able to put your finger on quite yet. This is a perfect storm within, a beautiful disaster. Because out of the chaos will come Your Golden Self. What you seek to remember of who You are will come soon, I can guarantee it. The New Moon energies from this last weekend up until the Lionsgate coming on 8/8, is what is stirring this up inside you. The Universe has spun your inner navigation like the wheel of fortune’s wheel. You feel a ‘sea-legs, jet lag’ kind of way. You’ll get you’re land legs soon! You’re subconsciously aware you’re in a new dimension and like the internet lagging behind, your conscious is like, ‘Wait, what’s going on?’
Regain your balance by grounding yourself to your planet, your Mothership, simply by putting your toes in the grass and remember you’re traveling on a giant rock through space in a universe that never ends. That’ll make you laugh and remember how silly the Beings on this planet are. That’ll also help you remember the Love you eternally have for your Earth, your Universe and all Beings traveling within.


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