Tara’s Tarot Thursday 7/10

Posted: 07/11/2014 in Tarot Thursday
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TARA’S TAROT THURSDAY 7/10 – Ten of Wands: Growth

“While you only see the seed within you, I see the flower blooming.” – Kapiel Racy

I absolutely love the synchronicity within the date and the number of the card. And with everything else within this 😍 This weekend and next week are perfect times to really concentrate on your growth. (Full Moon and the Trine energies) I’ve discussed it about numerous things this past week and so the Ten of Wands Growth card is perfect. (Thank you my Council) I’d like you to take a moment now to find a place of peace and look within your heart of hearts. Find that connection with your Soul. Can you see how much you’ve changed? Can you see how much you’ve evolved? Can you see, with a big picture POV, how much your neighbor has changed? Can you see how humanity is evolving? My friends, there is an abundance of growth happening collectively world-wide and if you are blind to it, it is now my intention for that veil to be lifted so you can see and celebrate with the rest of us. There are some of you that look within and see only the seedlings of change and growth and wonder when it will truly show without. Let me tell you, THAT is your Divine Spark and it IS showing. Individually, you are like a flower blooming. But, not every flower blooms at the same time. Some of you are Sparkling and some are full out enLIGHTning. Either way we all are in this together, and collectively co-creating a beautiful Garden of Stars, here on Earth. Heaven on Earth. As above, so below. As within, so without. As we grow within, Humanity grows without. Its something so simple that could make changes so big. Can you see what I am saying? And do not worry my friends, if you feel like you are at your lowest and in the rock bottom dirt. Seeds of Growth must start in the dirt, in your lowest times. Seeds of Growth bloom to Flowers of Change. Be the change 😉 As within, so without. Change yourself, change the world. ❤ Lady Tara 



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