My Mom Came To Me…

Posted: 07/03/2014 in Insight
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For those that do not know, my mother lost her battle with Cancer last week. Its been an interesting and draining week, needless to say.
I had a vision last night before sleeping. I love when I am blessed with one, for no matter how hard my logical mind tries to change things, it powers on with its message and I try to take on every detail I can. With this one, everything was being seen in an infrared type light. I was standing in a brick tunnel towards the end and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.. I could see in the dark (I have good night vision anyway, I am not night blind) at the brick wall that curved around and up, at the very end, and all of a sudden light was poured down upon it, dancing around like multiple flashlights running towards it. Help IS coming.
Then right before I woke up this morning, I was in mid-lucid-vivid dream and sitting on the bed with Mom. It was so real, I was asking why she was here and if she was really dead. She answered back simply with that she felt much better now and she was here to tell me to hold on, help IS really coming and everything will be ok soon. She even looked better.
It’s been 1 week and 1 day since she passed. 1 and 1 .. 11, master number 11, 11:11, and I just saw it on the clock before I fell asleep too. Or look at it in days, 8 days. 8 is the infinity loop…
How beautiful is all that?
Mom told me before she passed that she would contact me when she could. Thank you, Mom. I love you.

The war of Dark vs. Light is over. The fruition of this shall be seen sooner rather than later.. and in but a twinkling of an eye. I cannot say this enough with enthusiasm. The Light has won!!! Thank you to those that have worked so hard and diligently on this, both consciously and unconsciously.. For you HAVE helped build this New Earth. Mark my words… It is coming. ❤ Lady Tara



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