Lead by Example and Go With the Flow

Posted: 06/15/2014 in Insight
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Food for thought from my Higher Self, to my like minded sisters and brothers:
Sometimes Life puts you somewhere right smack in the middle of bad shit and/or drama and u’ll find your self asking Why am I here? I had nothing to do with this! You might see that as a “wrong place wrong time” situation. We see this as a “right place right time” situation, because God knew we could handle it. Our Light could help balance it. Those that hold Light like we do, like in Yin and Yang, when “strays” gravitate towards us we cant help but feel the NEED to help them while subconsciously they cant help but feel the need to be around us. Give and take, push and pull….. Their soul knows that they are unbalanced in whatever ways and Light truly heals all.. So the universe pulls them in a direction towards Light, aka you, like plants that need Sunlight to grow. People like us hardly ever stay in one place for a long time. Nomads, Gypsys, whatever term people want to use doesn’t matter. The point behind it is that we are in the right place at the right Divine time for the Soul/sole purpose of anchoring our Light for either the person or people we are near. God only gives us what we can handle, and we can handle A LOT, will and have sacrificed A LOT, will and have gave up A LOT, because we have been the toughest of soldiers. But the greatest rewards can only come from the greatest sacrifices. Know what I mean? So when u find urself thinking Why am I here? How does this benefit me? Well, simply stated… U may not be there for you, u may be there for another person or for the group that you’ve been surrounded with. And how this can benefit you, is it gives you the opportunity to be aware of this in that moment, so that awareness takes away pain and fear because u know why you are there. And that lets u ACT and not REACT. Make sense? Also with that awareness you are able to move on easily afterwards, walk away and take the Higher road out. This makes you a Leader, by example. And practicing Mindfulness and Awareness in these situations, makes you more in balance and more comfortable in ur role as a Leader that leads by example not by dictating with words. So no longer will you be a “nomad” that is “lost” as the universe takes you from one place to the next, but an excellent swimmer that has learned to go with the flow.


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