Tara’s Tarot Thursday 6/12

Posted: 06/13/2014 in Tarot Thursday
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10401969_259895387530606_3625518015000804285_nTara’s Tarot Thursday 6/12 – 6 of Wands: TRUST
Trust yourselves and trust each other. Is it not true that nothing can be done without Trust? Here is a ‘trust fall’ exercise for you to consider. Trust the Truth. Fall into the arms of your own Spirit. Listen to the voice within, this is your connection. When your head and heart is filled with chatter and confusion, trust the quietest voice there. This affirmation, “I am trusting of myself.”, can be said however as often as you feel you need but soon the Trust becomes again First nature, that those words are no longer needed. This is Truth. Think on that. Like a child holding an adult, see the goodness in others and be trusting. Like an adult holding the child, be responsible and trustworthy. Yin and yang. As above, so below. As within, so without. 11:11
I rolled dice and received my birthday and a 6 and a 2. This is for those that need validation so maybe I can gain your Trust. (Today’s reading is full of synchronicity in the date, the numbers, all the T’s, and how it flows directly in and with the message of 11:11) I hope this brings some Light to your day! – Lady Tara


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