Mouth Spillage before Meditation

Posted: 06/05/2014 in Insight
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The last few days have been so very energetically strong that I know these following things have occurred. I have received this information from my Higher Self, this was not a channeled meditation.
1. Consciousness has expanded. It feels as if it was a bigger jump than most other times in recent history.
2. I now know what it is like to be consciously aware of being stuck in 3D and I don’t like it very much but I do know that now I am aware of it, effects will subside and traveling from one D to the next will be much easier.
3. More synchronization is in effect all over the World. More people are becoming curious of ‘coincidences’ and the synchronicitic events in their lives. This is causing an Enlightening Fire shining brighter than before.
4. More are asking the Old Souls for guidance and healing. The Blue Rays are stepping up. 55.
5. A large part of the collective group that some call the Wayshowers have graduated. Gained access to other DNA codes and abilities.

And my head is almost spinning at the moment. Ever feel that Light Bulb moment so large, so Enlightening, that right after if you were to open your mouth, words and mumbo jumbo that did not make sense would spill out? Yeah, that’s how I feel lol.

I shall meditate on my Knowings and ask my Council for help in explaining. More info to come soon 🙂

– Lady Tara


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