I AM co-creating New Earth

Posted: 06/03/2014 in Uncategorized
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PLEASE READ: I would like to clarify something. I’m not a psychic that reads the future. I read the energies of the present moment that come across through my Council and yours, current thought processes, and emotions. Minds change, so choices and therefore actions and consequences and the events thereof in Humanity, change too. Anything I see or say of the future comes from a compilation of those things and pattern comparisons throughout All There Is. History repeats itself, its only the details that change.
Sorry if I busted ur bubble, but I can’t tell you exact details of what will happen. I can only help you see exactly what has been done in the past and exactly what’s going on in the present moment so you can make the positive choices to create your own future.
#mastersofduality #bridginggaps #asabovesobelow #heavenonearth


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