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I am writing daily on my FB helping guide those who ask for guidance through this Shift. Please add me and feel free to message me anytime! On Facebook, look for;
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❤ Lady Tara


For the last week I have attempted to step out of my comfort zone and open a doorway for you to understand things. Well, now I want to try to kick in the flood gates to help others “break on through to the other side” and step outside the box too. Some (who are not awake yet) may read my writings and think Im crazy talking in code, yet there are so many of you who will read the things I have to share and resonate so quickly that you’ll be subconsciously reading between the lines, understanding before I finish and remembering again the wisdom you never lost within. But ya see? That’s part of my purpose here. I am what some refer to as a GAP. I bridge the gap between physical and spiritual realms. I build a bridge between inside and outside the box. My birthday on the Mayan Calendar is a GAP day and they say I am a Galactic Activation Portal. (my past discussions; think of the Light bulbs, activations, bridges, gaps, doorways, portals, SEE the synchronicities??)
If anyone remembers last year when I was really performing (I am a Biological Female Drag Queen) a lot… the ‘Radioactive’ cover was always my favorite. Wondered why?
“… I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones enough to make my systems blow… Welcome to the New Age. Im radioactive…”
So it is true, last year I woke up. I had a rough rough time after that tho, with not much help either, & now I can say I’ve made it through and I am shining like the Sistar I am, somethin radioactive, enlightening the Fire, spreading esoteric knowledge of the Bigger Picture. I say before, I say again… It is the Eleventh Hour! Its now Time for you to wake up! Lol.. I was cross guard in 5th grade, and here I am again helpin people cross. Another beautiful thing in sync to where my life is going.
❤ Lady Tara