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Lunar rays work with ‘intensity’. If we can control the way we let them negatively effect us, then by opposite they’d effect us positively immensely. So in one night, this Blood Moon/full moon and this lunar eclipse? Whoa. I’m surprised I’ve not been a bawl baby all day. Ok, so maybe just a quarter or so the day lol.
When everyone is pissy tomorrow just smile cause you’re aware that we are all experiencing a lil agitation from strong energies. This whole month is packed with them really. But this week mostly. Prepare yourselves and stay grounded. Staying there with your ‘knowings’ will see you through 🙂
Lady Tara


This evening on the porch I find myself in awe of the flowers and plants.
As the sun sets, they’re still full of Life as they bloom and enhance.
Ya know, growth is a beautiful thing and these prove this so.
When it rains, it pours! But they continue to grow.
I tell them, “Keep on keepin’ on! Let the Light give you Life.”.
As I gave them their night drink it hit me when I visioned myself keepin’ on with a backpack on a bike…
Even in our lives, in our Journey this time around,
Remember, it’ll rain, it’ll pour but ya gotta find your ground.
When we’re grounded, like these flowers… Then we can grow.
When we’re anchored, we gain perspective, we lose baggage we tow.
In my vision, I lost my backpack and was in a garden so full.
I know remembering this brings happiness from the smile I wore.
See, I lost my baggage. I left my negatives aside.
And I was surrounded by beauty and positive vibes.
As the Light dims around me on my porch here tonight.
I feel grounded and clear like my heads on right.
My baggage, it’s buried. The flowers and I have grown up, my shoulders are lighter… All affirmations I won’t give up.
Lady Tara
written 4/9/14

I am crazy then.

Posted: 04/09/2014 in Insight, picture

My friends… Inhale the future, exhale the past. Times are ahead of you when you will be faced with something that gives you a sense of, “Hey I’ve done this before.”. Laid out in front of yourselves, plain as can be, a test in Life. That is what gives you déjà vu, the test that Life gives not necessarily the who/what you’re around like déjà vu gave us before. Life is different now. WE are different than before. Will you choose the same answers? Will you walk the same path? Will you surround yourself with the same people? This year is a HUGE year for humanity and you can already see the changes. If you can’t, wake up! Be apart of the change Don’t let Life’s tests that await you trip you up on your journey this year. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Lady Tara