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Mother Mary channeled via Lady Tara 2/3/14

Hosanna! I am Lady Mary and today I come to you with such comforting affirmations that you might need right now. I thank you for your Love and Light you give each day. You are doing just as you had planned and it could not be more perfect. We love you so very much. Everything is alright.

There is a change coming. You feel it. The anticipation growing in your gut that calls to you… THAT is your radar within sounding wildly! The is the Call! Do you hear it? Listen to it my Children. Listen to your Self, the inner Divine child that has been Lost for such a long time. But it is no more. Your Dark times have passed and now is the time of the Light, The Golden Age. Your innate body, your etheric body, your Soul feels this “out of your World” climax that is to shortly arrive and it will alter your lives in the most beautiful ways. There is no denial in this. It has been prophesized since the beginning of your Universal Knowledge thus far. Know now this to be Truth.

Feel that? The little jolt of energy, your Chi that runs through you as you read this. That is your Life Force from our Creator Source that flows through you and tells you now that this is so. Now what will you do my beloved? REFLECT. PREPARE. GROW. LOVE. CHANGE.         EVOLVE… ELEVATE.

Let your Soul, your Higher Self, Guides, Angels and Spirits help you through this transition of Ascension. If you are not Awaken to the bigger picture by now, it is intended through this message your consciousness elevates with Awareness and be heightened at this time in the appropriate manor each of you need at the unique step you are on. Hold on loves. Enjoy this part of the ride. History is in the making.

©Lady Tara – All channeled information is meant to be shared with link back to channel. Please keep all words and phrases intact, for this is how they are felt, heard, and portrayed so they can be translated to you.