Clarity in the Sky and Dice

Posted: 08/05/2013 in Uncategorized
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So Im outside on the porch by my meditation alter and the Sky is so clear!! Its a beautiful light navy and seems to be getting clearer every night. As I think this, She tells me ‘As above so below’. I am getting more clarity as well. Its nice for Spirit to reassure me these conscious ways. I thank Her. I thank God and I thank Earth and the Sky. I love you all.
I role my dice for other messages and I role a 1 and 3. 13 eh? Thank you Spirit. Role again, another 1 and 3. Im laughing out loud now, really Spirit thank you. I ask Her when things will really change, when will my full clarity be revealed? I role 4, 9’s. Back to back 6 and 3s, and then back to back 4 and 5s. September huh Spirit? Thank you. Upon further research, 9/22/13 (or 13/13) is the Autumn Equinox. Big big energies that day! Also, end of the Nine month birthing period… if you know what that means.
Will i wake up on 9/23 from this birthing process with my veils clear? I guess well all will see.
I leave you tonight while posting this with the power of 3 behind me.
So be it, blessed be, and so its done.
– Earth Tara


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