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2 Birds with One Stone

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It just dawns on me (love that feeling btw) that a very BIG synchronistic thought has been going on well, forever.
Why do I wanna always analyze every situation to find the quickest most efficient way to get it done? Why am I always “killing two birds with one stone”?
I always doing that? And my solutions are usually outside the box, always quick, and does the job. This realization meant something to me. … how do you spell ‘dawned’ anyway lol? This led me to this.
Used figuratively, the verb to dawn means “to begin to appear or become visible” in the sense of mental enlightenment or awareness. If something “dawns” on you, then a new understanding has come your way.”
Alright Spirit, what are you trying to say? Then She says, “Simplifying”. Well, ok.. but there’s more I feel it. She grins. I know what that means, and that means Ill soon know.
Has anyone else felt that lately? Especially during these energies till the 21st? Purging and simplifying and trying to “kill two birds with one stone?” Well, keep on truckin with that thought process cause this is something we all need to do. Clear the clutter from our path from point A to point B… it feels like shedding needless weight. You just feel… Lighter 😉

-Earth Tara


Tomorrow is your birthday and I envision you in my arms. I see you safe and happy at home, not there in the way of harm. This is your special day, where annually the sun hits the same spot.. that it was on the day you were born. 28 years may not seem like a lot. But every moment you lived through and every lesson Spirit gave you to learn, has in fact made you the Man you are and those are achievements you’ve earned. Bask in the energy of today and soak in the knowledge you’ve picked up. My twin, my soul, my complement of the Divine… I’m proud of who you’ve become.

~Earth Tara

So Im outside on the porch by my meditation alter and the Sky is so clear!! Its a beautiful light navy and seems to be getting clearer every night. As I think this, She tells me ‘As above so below’. I am getting more clarity as well. Its nice for Spirit to reassure me these conscious ways. I thank Her. I thank God and I thank Earth and the Sky. I love you all.
I role my dice for other messages and I role a 1 and 3. 13 eh? Thank you Spirit. Role again, another 1 and 3. Im laughing out loud now, really Spirit thank you. I ask Her when things will really change, when will my full clarity be revealed? I role 4, 9’s. Back to back 6 and 3s, and then back to back 4 and 5s. September huh Spirit? Thank you. Upon further research, 9/22/13 (or 13/13) is the Autumn Equinox. Big big energies that day! Also, end of the Nine month birthing period… if you know what that means.
Will i wake up on 9/23 from this birthing process with my veils clear? I guess well all will see.
I leave you tonight while posting this with the power of 3 behind me.
So be it, blessed be, and so its done.
– Earth Tara

This may sound like its coming from left field, but for some of you… left field may be the home youve been looking for. “I am from left field, I bet”, sometimes I think to myself. But even with the out of the box thinking, I swear everyday I feel as if my mind is expanding with each piece of the puzzle I put together, with every epiphany I make and each “Ah ha!” moment my gut/intuition, who I refer to Her, rewarding me with for staying on the right path. She told me if I don’t start writing and begin my soul’s mission that I won’t continue growing. So here I am and letting my words speak out on this screen. My mind may be in the middle of expanding but my soul is in the middle of its Evolution. My Human body is too. To the point that I would bet my IQ is higher now than in college ten years ago. See, like many of you reading now, I am ADHD, probably like most of you reading this, and I can get distracted easily with racing thoughts and most things that are of this dimension jumble on that journey from my eyes to my brain, or used to. Math and Science were never strong subjects for me but my evolving Soul tells me I can tackle anything now and be able to understand and Master. Even the subjects I’ve never heard of and those I did not understand before.
One thing I’ve always been blessed with is the ability to harness my creative energy into poetry. Sometimes when I sit down to write that way, She already knows what line comes next like She’s reading a script.
I was told young by family and knew it myself that I had “The Light” and knew Her, and all of Her ‘Light bulb and Ah ha! moment’s ‘ had to be one in the same with my intuition guiding me to what feels right. After a while She came through with more clarity and Knowing. I’he discovered being diagnosed Multiple Personalities with my two girls, it was Transpersonal really. Also bipolar Manic Depressive has been added to my list. I was confused and lost. I was becoming more aware of the synchronicities in my life. The list of things I felt and am still going through is endless it seems but SO well worth it when you look at the big picture, if you know the big picture.
You know when you meet someone new and you can get a vibe from them? They invade your space and your bubble and you can tell if they’re good or bad? That’s their Aura touching yours and the wider yall’s vibrational level spread the stronger your inner radar signs starts flashing at you Bad or Good! When Good, there’s always an instant connect with those people and you feel like you’ve known them for years sometimes. When a room full of people get together with the same vibration, the room is lively and exciting. When your mood is kind of low, and you walk in that room you know how your mood raises? That’s your energy level ascending to meet the others around you and now as a whole the group vibration has raised.
This is what were to do as Humanity with our consciousnesses. Law of Attraction states that ‘Like attracts Like’ and when it does, those individual Divine sparks create a huge flame. We need to get our flames together and start a fire!

This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine.

Let it shine y’all. Do what makes your inner self, your higher heart, happy. Do right by yourself and for your Creator. Service others and see the smiles. Smiles are contagious don’t you know. Fire is contagious too.

-Earth Tara


Aug 1st energy rays 🙂
Love my land


Loved them! Did you?


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In the sky here.
Now thats cool. 😉