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My ascension journey started a long time ago, another post and story for another day. A story of my Twin Flame, my Dark Night process and how my awakening came about. The journey into my past of how I came to what I know has been a magical ride. But today I must step forward. Today I must jump feet first and put myself out in the public of all public. I suppose my anonymimity was my safety net of my 3D conscious. Staying true to who I am, different or not, no matter of the public’s opinion… shows in my endurance and strength I put behind my actions and choices. Behind the stage though, the analysis has been vast behind each one, and Im able to cover so much depth in my mind but take only a few moments to process. Ive been able to step aside to look from the outside in and see the best way to proceed from that point on. I must stretch my creative legs and let them leap in order to get rid of this type of “writers block” and 6th sense blinder. I also know to continue to grow spiritually and more into my Higher Self, I truely have to speak out. I have to share what I know and help others that are also awakened, keep their inner Divine spark growing into a full Flame. Because as a group unified in this Light, we can start an Enlightened Fire. That is what I hope to do with my intuitive knowing, research and ramblings. Can you keep up?

•I am Earth Tara